Welcome to House of Marie

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House of Marie is a wholesale company in high-quality paper products for baking and decoration.

For the production of our House of Marie baking cups/baking cases/cupcake liners , cupcake- and cake boxes and paper sticks we work with well-established paper manufacturers from Western Europe exclusively. Because of that we guarantee a high quality product.
It’s also possible to order our baking cups with your own design or company logo in the size and colour you prefer.

  • All our products can be ordered online.
  • We don't deliver directly to consumers.
  • Our products are shipped worldwide.

  • REDUCED PRICE: Eco-Line 2 Cupcake Box WITH WINDOW incl inlays Box: FSC, recycled, Compostable
  • Baking cup Leopard 50x33mm
  • Super high (30cm) Corrugated cake box 25x25x30cm loose lid